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Stinkgate. Now we know if you want something to be a media sensation put a gate on the end of the thing being investigated and you’ve got the beginnings of a month long news sensation. It is how our culture crumbles so to say. Deflategate is the latest one and who could imagine that a football team would possibly cheat or better yet that it would make news. The news is probably more about the getting caught than the actual act, why, because our culture of which I am a part of, is more concerned with getting caught than the sin that is committed.


Now Stinkgate is what we’ve experienced in the office for the past few months. We began to have to deal with this several months ago and some days were worse than others. It was especially noticeable when you first came in the door. It was the gift that kept on giving. We started with lifting ceiling tiles and then tried covering it with the planting of devices intended to cover the smell with something better. Kind of like we used to do in college when we didn’t do laundry and needed to wear that shirt yet another day. We didn’t have Frebreze when I was in college so cologne was the magic for us. Funny thing the original name for Frebreze when it was first marketed in the 1980’s was “Funk-B-Gon”. Well we needed the funk to be gone for sure.


So looking at the surface of things and trying to cover it up with nice smells didn’t work, but let’s face it, it never fully does. Things might smell better for the moment but the Stinkgate lives on to fight another day.


Finally we had to count the cost, bite the bullet and hire a team to come work through our heating/cooling ventilation system and comb over the attic area completely to uncover the two culprits of Stinkgate. Two not so alive mice were found that were the culprits of all this smell. Wow, what a difference it now makes to walk in the office door. No cover up, no hit you in the face with yucko bucko, just a nice authentic welcome to the office.


Now we can’t let this story just end there as we see Christ in all things so we are deeply reminded of how the sin we seek to cover up much in the same way lives on our lives. We were all born into Adam and consequently born into the sin of Adam. No one taught us to be there, we just were. Sin was our Master. Not that we couldn’t resist some sin, but that we just sinned in ways we didn’t resist. In so many ways we can’t in all our lives even name them all. We know what it does to us too, but we’re captive to our master.


Then one day we come face to face with the revelation and knowledge of Christ. That way out involved his willingness to take the punishment for all sin and through his life, death and resurrection he conquered sin and death. For those who place their trust in Him and receive him as Lord, they are now placed “In Christ”. With that new position, sin is no longer our master. We have died to sin and are alive in Christ. Doesn’t mean we don’t still sin, but it places us in a different standing with God and a new way of thinking. God sees us as “In Christ” and Christ was without sin. Christ is now our Master and we are freed to make a choice not to sin. It’s not about our effort, but about his provision. In face it’s really not about us at all. It’s all about Him. God loving us so deeply before we ever even knew him that while people on the inside of the gates of Jerusalem were celebrating Passover by slaughtering a spotless Lamb, the one and only spotless Lamb of God was being crucified outside the gates as a one time sacrifice for all who would place their trust in Him.


So that leaves us with the dilemma of the Stinkgate within us. Do we continue to try on our own to keep it merely under the surface or cover it up however we can and only hope we don’t get caught or do we respond to God’s revelation to us and realize that when we put our trust in Him, a pivotal change was made in our life. The stink was removed and we are now in Christ. As we walk in step with the Spirit, we can learn to turn from the temptation that lies in front of us. When we sin, the Spirit helps us become sensitive to it and to trust God’s provision for us. Live as a freed person!  Romans 6-7

Author: Pastor Dick Smith

Youth Pastor/Worship Leader follower of Christ Helping students find and follow Jesus

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