We are studying the Gospel Project in High School Sunday morning bible study.
It blows our mind that the God who created quasars and DNA, love and humor has revealed himself to us in his story in the Bible. God’s Word is sharp in its depth (Heb 4.12) and broad in its application (2 Tim 3.16) because it is ultimately all about Jesus (Lk 24.27; Jn 5.39). When we read, we love to ask a series of questions…

  • What does the Scripture say? (Scriptural question)
  • What does it mean? (Theological question)
  • Why don’t I believe it? (Apologetic/heart question)
  • How is Jesus the hero? (Christological question)
  • Why does this matter for my mission? (Missional question)

Come join us ever Sunday morning at 9:45 am as we gather together to study, pray, eat, and enjoy one another in fellowship.  Tammy Cox and Deb Holderman are our usual teachers for High School